Once, on a Tuesday, November 25, 2008, I thought...


Top 10 Reasons why Mumbai University Exams got postponed

News came out on Mumbai University's website that examinations to be held from the 2nd of December 2008 have been postponed to the 12th.
So a flurry of people came online. Surprisingly, people were curious as to why they got postponed. And since nobody knew why, I too started asking around. All I got was some curious answers. :)

So presenting:
Top 10 Reasons why Mumbai University Exams got postponed
(credit goes to the people in brackets & me otherwise)

10. They may not have place to dump our papers coz all the place is occupied with the previous papers, which we had written (Rupal)

9. Not enough sales was recorded for text books across mumbai.

8. Instead of losing the answer sheets, this time they lost the question papers (Sushanth)

7. They all realized the significance of S.S.T - Suyash Standard Time :P (Anshul)

6. After 4 semesters of Sagar continously saying "Exams are gonna get postponed." and they never did get postponed, this sem they finally realized that this was the one sem when he didn't say that! So they postponed it!

5. They just printed the wrong dates on all the halltickets ..and they didn't want to go thru it again. (Shiv)

4. They misplaced the results for the upcoming exams. Thats right. Exams are fixed!

3. They realized that they didn't make the question papers yet! (Rupal)

2. Mahesh complained to the controller, - "What is these, the studies are not getting over. How I will writing the paper? Im living"

...and the No. 1 Reason why Mumbai University Exams got postponed:

1. cuz the univ guys want to watch the Champions League from 2nd to 10th ! :D HAAA (Shiv)

Once, on a Monday, June 30, 2008, I thought...



A friend of mine came over the other day to pass some time, sat on my PC and saw, among other things (like Simpsons Hit & Run, CStrike, CZero, GTA III, HardTruck), SkiFree on my desktop.
One by one he played (or tired to play) all the games on my desktop, till he reached SkiFree.
Having failed miserably to enjoy the other games, he started it and began playing.

Now let me explain something about this very simple game (from the Windows 3.1 ages). All you have to do is ski down the snow mountain, avoid obstacles, and occasionally perform jumps and flips to gain Style points. After you reach the finish line in the game, you can continue playing for some time.
Well for exactly how much time is unsure, since after a while, either you get bored, or the Jumping Snow-Goon (officially: Abominable Snow Monster) gets bored, so he comes and eats you!!
And there's nothing really that you can do about it. He eats you. Game stops. Thats it!

Sometimes you can avoid the Snow-Monster, but not for long :)

I've personally avoided him a few times, but then he ultimately does eat you after some time. And thats the fun of it when you're playing it for the first couple of times. :)
(You can get SkiFree over here. )

So this friend of mine, plays SkiFree for the first time, and goes nuts when the Snow Monster eats him up after the game.
"What the hell!! Why'd he eat me?!! Damn!!! Did you see that?? That monster ate me up!!!"
By now I'm smirking wildly.
So he restarts the game.
"Damn him! I'm playing again!"
And again after he reaches the finish, the monster comes a chasing.
"Aargh!! Here he comes again!!! Run Run!! How do you make this thing go faster!!??"
So I press F for him to play in the fast mode. He hits a tree. Monster chomps him up.
By now I'm laughing hysterically. And my friend's totally pissed.
"What the hell man!! What's wrong with that monster?!"
Restarts the game.
"This time I'm gonna ski all the way from the side! Just you watch!"
So this time he walks all the way to the right. And makes his skier ski all the way from the right. Avoiding obstacles. Carefully missing the snow-boarders. Till he reaches the finish line. Then he continues. Keeps going right. Carefully avoiding obstacles. With this determined look on his face. Probably thinking, "You just come now Mr. Snow Monster. Just you try and catch me now buster!". And by this point I, who so far was trying really hard to control my laugher, suddenly burst out laughing! But he keeps playing, till suddenly he sees the Monster chasing him.
"Aargh!! Run Run!"
Luckily this time he's already in fast mode, so he outruns's the monster till the monster is just out of frame.
"Ha Ha!! See I beat that monster!! Ha ha!!", and exults, lets his hands fly.
Without his navigation, his ski man trips over a tree and stops.
Out pops the Snow Monster. Chomp Chomp!!
Him: Noooooo!!!! You fc$#&ing ##$^^#. Damn You!
Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And the Snow-Monster just stands there, jumping, grinning. :D
Thats my Logo - The jumping snow-goon

Once, on a Sunday, May 11, 2008, I thought...


nothing is impossible!

Talk about impossible!!

Maybe the server returned something like: 'This statement is a lie'
And the application went, "If it's a lie, then it must be false. Then that means its true! Which would mean its not true!... MEEP MEEP MEEP.. BZZZT! - Impossible Error!"

Once, on a Monday, January 28, 2008, I thought...


some new things

For a switch to a newer OS I should ideally be switching to Windows Vista now. But tradition has it that I've switched to the next eldest OS with official support so I switched to XP 64-bit instead. Even with Windows 98 and 2000 it was the same. Just when Microsoft announced that it will stop Windows Updates to 98, I switched to 2000, and then some years back, again, support for 2000 was to be limited till only the year 2010. So here I am using XP. That too 64-bit. Frankly I can't really tell the performance differance between XP 32-bit & XP 64-bit. Because I haven't run XP 32-bit on the PC. I have it on the laptop, but then that sucks since its a Mobile Processor (that too an Intel Celeron!)
Here are some eXPeriences about this new OS:
  • Look-and-feel: Although I can't seem to install the XP Royalle theme or the Zune Desktop theme due to the fact that their installer doesn't seem to work on x64, the eXPerience is still very good.

  • ClearType: Instead of anti-aliasing just the very large or very tiny font size, now Cleartype anti-aliases almost all sized fonts.

  • 64-bit: Finding native 64-bit applications is a real pain in the neck! Although Microsoft seems to give some seperate links for 64-bit applications and softwares, the truth is, most software developers don't seem to bother or it's probably too difficult. Heck! There's even no Flash support for 64-bit IE. I have to run it in 32-bit mode for the Flash plugin to work! (which is actually great if I have to avoid Flash on some site for some reason! ;))

  • FlashGet: For wierd reason has auto-registered itself when I installed it. This is a clean OS install over which I downloaded a newer version of FlashGet. However to my surprise, it is already registered! I didn't even do anything!

  • IE 7 : Love it for the tabs. Hate it for the tabs! While re-doing their tabs design into a no-frills version, they completely broke my IE 6 functionality. The Links bar dissapeared. Earlier I used to place the Address bar next to the Menu bar and the Links bar next to the Toolbar and the Googlet Browser button used to work as the integrated browser search. So total occupied space by the entire top portion was 75 px. Now I can't seem to move the Links bar out of its fixed place. I can't even shift the Address bar anywhere or even resize it. And the menu bar is nowhere to be seen! And yet, even without the Links bar it takes up 95 px! And I can't really do without the Links bar, so for me it takes up almost 120 px! And thats a lot of space going waste!
Fig 1.1: Comparison between old IE and new IE

  • Winamp 5.52: Rocks! Even though there is no substantial change, the new Bento skin is pretty nice too.

Fig 1.2: Winamp's new Bento Skin

  • Kaspersky 7: Works like a charm, except that my key is blacklisted. Keeps giving me that annoying pop-up!

  • Mouse: For some reason my mouse seems to work much smoother. When I move it on the mousepad, it physically seems a bit smoother! Even the functionality in the new 64-bit Microsoft Mouse software I had to download is good. The middle-scroll-click doesn't open a new tab! It shows 'Instant viewer'. Allows me to switch between the windows I've opened so far. Good, except that its a bit slow on my PC. Another good feature is the Magnify (thumb) button. I can instantly magnify anything on screen with the click of a button. You'd be surprised how useful this feature can be!

Fig 1.3: Instant viewer in Microsoft Mouse

  • RAM: Need some more of this please. 512MB is not enough. As it is I'm running low on disk space. So can't even increase the Virtual memory size much.
Fig 1.4: Going low on memory

  • Office 2007: Looks nice, works great! They've totally redesigned Office! Don't even get me started on where the menu bar went! But this time its for good! I really like what they've done with it! Unfortunately.... no more Clippy!! :( :( Boohoo!!
Fig 1.5: Office 2007's new sleek look! - I miss clippy

  • SMPS: Seems my Power supply (SMPS) is going bad. Sometimes it unexpectedly reboots. All I was doing was opening some folder and BAM! Reboot! No BSODs even! Other times it just doesn't start up at one go. It powers up, then powers off again before the boots screen shows up. Sometimes it even induces my harddisk to not showup at the BIOS screen. I truly hope its not the harddisk going bad! Once it even conked off when I was trying to plug in my USB printer! I saw some sparks fly, and POW! It rebooted! Trouble is, I haven't much time to debug this issue, so I really hope it works well for a while.

  • Tech@MET is here to rock! 8th & 9th Feb 2008. MET's ICS is having its own festival - Tech@MET . Did the designing of the brochures & posters. And got plenty of events in it.

So much for now. Rest of them updates later! :)

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Once, on a Saturday, December 15, 2007, I thought...


follow-up post

Just following up from my previous post..

And then there's that time I had a nice song and dance (performance) in college! :)
Can you see where I am?

Been a while since I posted anything worthwhile. Hmm...

Too bad- been busy with exams so much!
Heard the wierdest questions during the exams this semester. Man! You know its a bad thing when you're reading that question for the first time on the exam question paper! O boy!

Like Q.: What is a Smart Pointer?
A.: A Smart Pointer is one which outsmarts you in the exams!


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Once, on a Sunday, September 09, 2007, I thought...


sneak peek at last week

Did a lot of things last week.
Went to VESIT's
Praxis festival. Actually a lot of us from college did. Just to participate in the CS events. Turns out the bots there kicked our a$$. They were mod bots downloaded from the net. (Although when I asked Amar, he said they were 'normal bots at expert level' -- pshaa! no ways! I've played normal bots at expert level and I've pwnd them; they don't get jumping head shots at moving targets! They were definitely modded bots!)
We lost 7-12. Very sad. Especially since we all play CS in the lab at every practical session.
It seems that's going to stop soon. :(

So since CS wasn't our game, I went rappelling down the main VESIT building's terrace! Damn, it was fun!
Just getting both feet off the ledge was the kicker, because I was held on by just a rope and the instructor just kept saying, "Put both your feet down!"
I can't put both my feet down you twit! I'm 6 floors above the ground!!
It seemed scary at first, ( I even pinched my left hand - it got caught between the rope and the building's ledge), but then i learnt to let go.
I wanna do it again!

The Freshers party we arranged at Intercontinental The Grand was also good fun!
The on-now-off-now (or party-now-picnic-now) freshers party was at Club Sutra in Intercontinental. It was hella fun! Danced like a maniac and what not! Luckily all went as planned. Party wrapped up by 1:30am and then we ate at The Airport Restaurant. Then instead of ricking it up home so late Jammu and I decided to go to Aadha's place. There we watched The Hypercube. Well, more like, explained most of those concepts to Commode. (Thank you DC Comics and The Crisis of Infinite Earths!)
Then went home in the morning. Reached by 7.

Got a new All-in-one Printer / Scanner / Copier - EPSON CX5500
Now I can SCAN! Hooray! Looks amazing! Has lots of features! :)
Unfortunately doesn't fit in the existing printer spot. Its fatter by 1 cm than the space :(
So I kept it sideways!

P.S.: Will update this post with pics & scans later.

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Once, on a Sunday, August 26, 2007, I thought...


comfort oriented me

Thanks to Babyzilla, I know now, that my laziness is Comfort Oriented.

I knew comfort was my thing!
It says:

`The laziness of comfort orientation - we just try to stay comfortable and cozy.'

And as long as that is possible, why not?!
It goes on to say:

`Comfort orientation comes in a variety of forms. Sogyal Rinpoche writes that in the East, for example, laziness often manifests as flopping down in the sun with one’s cronies, drinking tea, and letting the days pass by. In the West, he observes, laziness frequently manifests as speed. People rush from one thing to another, from the gym to the office to the bar to the mountains to the meditation class to the kitchen sink, the backyard, the club. We rush around seeking, seeking, seeking comfort and ease.'

And in the end they have also provided a 'So What To Do?'
But my comfort orientation didn't let me read past that part. So I guess I'm gonna stay like this! ;)

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