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Top 10 Reasons why Mumbai University Exams got postponed

News came out on Mumbai University's website that examinations to be held from the 2nd of December 2008 have been postponed to the 12th.
So a flurry of people came online. Surprisingly, people were curious as to why they got postponed. And since nobody knew why, I too started asking around. All I got was some curious answers. :)

So presenting:
Top 10 Reasons why Mumbai University Exams got postponed
(credit goes to the people in brackets & me otherwise)

10. They may not have place to dump our papers coz all the place is occupied with the previous papers, which we had written (Rupal)

9. Not enough sales was recorded for text books across mumbai.

8. Instead of losing the answer sheets, this time they lost the question papers (Sushanth)

7. They all realized the significance of S.S.T - Suyash Standard Time :P (Anshul)

6. After 4 semesters of Sagar continously saying "Exams are gonna get postponed." and they never did get postponed, this sem they finally realized that this was the one sem when he didn't say that! So they postponed it!

5. They just printed the wrong dates on all the halltickets ..and they didn't want to go thru it again. (Shiv)

4. They misplaced the results for the upcoming exams. Thats right. Exams are fixed!

3. They realized that they didn't make the question papers yet! (Rupal)

2. Mahesh complained to the controller, - "What is these, the studies are not getting over. How I will writing the paper? Im living"

...and the No. 1 Reason why Mumbai University Exams got postponed:

1. cuz the univ guys want to watch the Champions League from 2nd to 10th ! :D HAAA (Shiv)

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