Once, on a Sunday, March 18, 2007, I thought...


death by fuss!

So SIES college, Nerul had what could possibly be the last inter-collegiate fest of this season.
Naturally, I had gone. (That naturally coming because I had gone to Thakur's fest, turned out to be the only guy from MET participating!)
But this time almost 11 of us had gone! (That number coming down from a 20 who had actually given their names up 2 go)
And it was fun! Not that the events were spectacularly different - same old events, same old crowd. Good Fun!

At gaming, we have CS, and for that we had practiced a bit, in lab sessions, almost every practical session, (without the teachers knowing, because they used to leave the labs to us anyway!). Especially Nix, Shreader, Invader & I (Lackey) had done this a bit more often.
Of course, we were still noobs compared to pros like 'fr.Dante' from Thakur college or 'xSports//:Fuss' from VESIT college.
And they were coming too...
But our team sailed through the elims.
And just for kick, three of our classmates wanted to play too so the registered - team of 3, handicapped by 1. Now they were playing it fresh, so fresh that I was actually teaching one guy 'laden' how to play and what to click! And surprisingly they got through the elims too! :o
Whoa! Cool! :)

Death by fuss!
Now at the second round, fuss's reputation preceded his head shots, and the team he was supposed to be against- BVIT, ran away when they found out that they were against VESIT. So they pit us against them! Dammit! We were creamed!

And then our other team - 'osama' 'bin' 'laden', (that how we'd named those three, Tahir, Atish & Milind) went up against some IMCOMS team and they kicked their ass!!
Dammit! I just taught laden how to click!
They went 3-3, and then 4-0 after the switch!
Man! Then I guess we would have raped those guys!
We were laughing our guts out there! :D

And that wasn't all!
Atish participated just for fun. And his opponent for elims, was some pro guy. He even changed to his shorts and straps and all. And this guy made so many faults.
He just kept trying to smash it over and over, but kept netting it! All the points Atish got were unforced errors! :D
Ultimately he lost and got eliminated and Atish went to round two. Now for the next round the next day, however, Atish lost miserably. No effort at all, and it was fine with him - he had just participated for the heck of it. So when he's back, Tahir is like, "There's that guy you eliminated. Man he must be cursing himself real bad"
Atish: "Why?"
Tahir: "Probably disgusted with himself, who did I lose against!"


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Once, on a Saturday, March 10, 2007, I thought...


stupid blogger labrary

Stupid Blogger didn't allow me to login and post new posts until I upgraded my account to a Google Accounts account!
Now I had to go and make a new google account! Would you believe how many attempts failed? Most of the good user-id's were already taken! Dammit!

Ultimately went with wirefall.
Thats now my blogger+gmail id!

Also I was readin ADFS and guess what I saw!

Hehehe! Now that's silly! Wait till I tell everyone in the Labrary about this!! :D

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