Once, on a Sunday, September 09, 2007, I thought...


sneak peek at last week

Did a lot of things last week.
Went to VESIT's
Praxis festival. Actually a lot of us from college did. Just to participate in the CS events. Turns out the bots there kicked our a$$. They were mod bots downloaded from the net. (Although when I asked Amar, he said they were 'normal bots at expert level' -- pshaa! no ways! I've played normal bots at expert level and I've pwnd them; they don't get jumping head shots at moving targets! They were definitely modded bots!)
We lost 7-12. Very sad. Especially since we all play CS in the lab at every practical session.
It seems that's going to stop soon. :(

So since CS wasn't our game, I went rappelling down the main VESIT building's terrace! Damn, it was fun!
Just getting both feet off the ledge was the kicker, because I was held on by just a rope and the instructor just kept saying, "Put both your feet down!"
I can't put both my feet down you twit! I'm 6 floors above the ground!!
It seemed scary at first, ( I even pinched my left hand - it got caught between the rope and the building's ledge), but then i learnt to let go.
I wanna do it again!

The Freshers party we arranged at Intercontinental The Grand was also good fun!
The on-now-off-now (or party-now-picnic-now) freshers party was at Club Sutra in Intercontinental. It was hella fun! Danced like a maniac and what not! Luckily all went as planned. Party wrapped up by 1:30am and then we ate at The Airport Restaurant. Then instead of ricking it up home so late Jammu and I decided to go to Aadha's place. There we watched The Hypercube. Well, more like, explained most of those concepts to Commode. (Thank you DC Comics and The Crisis of Infinite Earths!)
Then went home in the morning. Reached by 7.

Got a new All-in-one Printer / Scanner / Copier - EPSON CX5500
Now I can SCAN! Hooray! Looks amazing! Has lots of features! :)
Unfortunately doesn't fit in the existing printer spot. Its fatter by 1 cm than the space :(
So I kept it sideways!

P.S.: Will update this post with pics & scans later.

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Yikes, no more jumping off buildings.

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