Once, on a Monday, January 30, 2006, I thought...



After spending so much time figuring out which song it was and then finally downloading the song it turns out to be a different one man!
Its this song I had at Barrista which had lyrics from the song 'A few of my favorite things' (originally from the movie The sound of music). The song was undoubtedly by OutKast. No doubt about it. So I set about searching for lyrics and album info. And after downloading the album (2 actually), the song had no lyrics in it!! Just music! What the fart-fart! And I'm pretty darn sure that I had heard the lyrics (no matter how drunk on coffee I must have been). Great! Now I'll have to go through downloading the remix versions and DJ mixes. One thing that would have made it worse though, would have been if I was on a dial-up now!
Also whats really funny is that there's no decent torrent for Lynard Skynard. Damn!

In other news...
On my india.com account, I saw this moveTo dropDown box which said Combo1. Looks like some programmer left a Combo here. Didn't even bother to name it! Wow. What a cool bug!
Then my brain yelled, "Ha Ha! Fooled Ya!!"

Heh. Turned out, it was me. I had long back made a folder called Combo1. I used to see this empty DropDown Combo box, (obviously left for moving selected mails to that Folder), and since I had no folder as such it used to be blank. Thats bad programming. So I had made a folder called Combo1. Now it looked like a default Combo box somebody dropped out.
Nice trick.
Then I forgot all about it.
Then I saw it today.
And I fooled me.
And its not just this once. With me happens everywhere, anywhere. My brain fools me. I think it has a mind of its own...
eof: Y'know one of the things I like about IE best? The way it renders pages. Not loads. I mean the look-&-feel render. How each page can be felt through IE. In other browsers its all glazed by the browser.

Once, on a Wednesday, January 25, 2006, I thought...


pigs can fly

Y'know how some people try to act all aloof? Like they're better than you? Like if you tell them something exciting, they try to make it sound like its no big deal. "From where I come from, this happens all the time".
Sure! Do pigs fly?

And then if suddenly someone brings a baby in the room, no matter how heated an arguement it was, the baby suddenly takes over. Everyone goes googoo, gaga, trying all sorts of noises to make the baby laugh. (That's probably cause baby's laughter is damn cool anyway.) So, its solong arguement! People go off tangents trying to somehow get that baby to laugh, and once that's done, they beam with pride! As if you've just accomplished world peace! :) And somehow everyone switches to an ages old language you had inherited from your mother - Gibberish. No matter how many languages you learn, you never forget this one, its universal. I'll bet even aliens speak it. Doesn't matter if they're green or bug-eyed or both. You will still go "goo goo gaa gaa".

Once, on a Sunday, January 22, 2006, I thought...


just go with it

Y'know what i realized? No matter the fact that my template's not ready yet, I can still post here. I mean if I know myself properly, my template will never be complete. I will always be sprucing it up bit by bit. So I'm going to start posting already.
To heck if the template's got bugs in 'em still.
Sweet Home Alabama!!!

Once, on a Thursday, January 19, 2006, I thought...


again! again again!

man i'z gonna make this again man!
hell with blogger. makin my own template and starting anew... what say?
gotta fix em template bugs first!

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