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A friend of mine came over the other day to pass some time, sat on my PC and saw, among other things (like Simpsons Hit & Run, CStrike, CZero, GTA III, HardTruck), SkiFree on my desktop.
One by one he played (or tired to play) all the games on my desktop, till he reached SkiFree.
Having failed miserably to enjoy the other games, he started it and began playing.

Now let me explain something about this very simple game (from the Windows 3.1 ages). All you have to do is ski down the snow mountain, avoid obstacles, and occasionally perform jumps and flips to gain Style points. After you reach the finish line in the game, you can continue playing for some time.
Well for exactly how much time is unsure, since after a while, either you get bored, or the Jumping Snow-Goon (officially: Abominable Snow Monster) gets bored, so he comes and eats you!!
And there's nothing really that you can do about it. He eats you. Game stops. Thats it!

Sometimes you can avoid the Snow-Monster, but not for long :)

I've personally avoided him a few times, but then he ultimately does eat you after some time. And thats the fun of it when you're playing it for the first couple of times. :)
(You can get SkiFree over here. )

So this friend of mine, plays SkiFree for the first time, and goes nuts when the Snow Monster eats him up after the game.
"What the hell!! Why'd he eat me?!! Damn!!! Did you see that?? That monster ate me up!!!"
By now I'm smirking wildly.
So he restarts the game.
"Damn him! I'm playing again!"
And again after he reaches the finish, the monster comes a chasing.
"Aargh!! Here he comes again!!! Run Run!! How do you make this thing go faster!!??"
So I press F for him to play in the fast mode. He hits a tree. Monster chomps him up.
By now I'm laughing hysterically. And my friend's totally pissed.
"What the hell man!! What's wrong with that monster?!"
Restarts the game.
"This time I'm gonna ski all the way from the side! Just you watch!"
So this time he walks all the way to the right. And makes his skier ski all the way from the right. Avoiding obstacles. Carefully missing the snow-boarders. Till he reaches the finish line. Then he continues. Keeps going right. Carefully avoiding obstacles. With this determined look on his face. Probably thinking, "You just come now Mr. Snow Monster. Just you try and catch me now buster!". And by this point I, who so far was trying really hard to control my laugher, suddenly burst out laughing! But he keeps playing, till suddenly he sees the Monster chasing him.
"Aargh!! Run Run!"
Luckily this time he's already in fast mode, so he outruns's the monster till the monster is just out of frame.
"Ha Ha!! See I beat that monster!! Ha ha!!", and exults, lets his hands fly.
Without his navigation, his ski man trips over a tree and stops.
Out pops the Snow Monster. Chomp Chomp!!
Him: Noooooo!!!! You fc$#&ing ##$^^#. Damn You!
Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And the Snow-Monster just stands there, jumping, grinning. :D
Thats my Logo - The jumping snow-goon

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