Once, on a Saturday, August 04, 2007, I thought...


Bees Knees

Here's a lesson for you.
When a bee comes buzzing in your home, don't swat it.
Not because it will sting you back, but its more to fun to trap it in a box!
Thats what dad did when a bee started buzzing all over the living room. Although, this time around, he didn't gift-wrap it and send it to anyone!!
Boy was that fun or what. He trapped a bee in a box, and then gave it to a friend as a surprise!
And his friend went home, and opened it in front of his family. As soon as he opened the box, out zipped the angry little bee, found all the doors and windows closed, zipped around a little more, and stung his little daughter! :D


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Blah blah:
holy shit dude !
how big was the bee ?? :O

lol.... NOW i know where all the evil comes from :D -- Suyash Sambo :D

You and your brother are mean to living creatures.
hahaha :D
hey! the bee wasn't going to pucker up if I'd have let it go!
besides.. dad trapped the bee! :)

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