Once, on a Tuesday, June 12, 2007, I thought...



There's this amazing story

A guy finishes giving his boards exams - last paper. Waits for a bus at the bus stop. While he's waiting, along come two of his friends, on a bike, one teases him a little and flashes his butt to him standing on his bike!! Half the people standing at the bus-stop burst out laughin! He's laughing too. They're good friends, and whacky too! They rev off, leaving him waiting for a bus.

Buses come and go, none from his route. This always happens. You must have heard the axiom - 'When you're searching for something, its always at the last place you look for'. It the same axiom intertwined with life - 'When you're waiting for your bus, its always the last one to arrive'
And finally it arrives. Some friend of his yells the number. Everybody start their warm-up for the run. And a bunch of them standing for the bus jump in. They get in. The conductor jostles the crowd, moves them forward. And since he doesn't want to get bugged by his friend again he starts inching his way forward.

There's no place to sit now. So he waits. All he can do to bide time is watch the road outside and the bottom half of cars going by. And on the highway, it always seems the bus' got no speed limits. The driver weaves past traffic better than a bike would. Inches past another truck.
Right through an amber signal.
He does seem to be going pretty fast.
Too fast! He almost nicked another bus!
Suddenly he sees bright flashy signs. 'USE DIVERSION'. There's some roadwork going on ahead and traffic slows to a crawl. A normal scene one would think, except the only thing he's thinking is, "If traffic's slowing to a crawl, why aren't we!?"
Suddenly the bus speeds through two busses on each side, seperated by an inch of air. Everybody on the bus seems as calm as ever, and he breaks into a sweat. Slowly he inches his way to the front of the bus to see the driver.

His arms move from right to left. He swerves the steering wheel an entire 80 degrees to the left. The bus comes almost to the footpath. His thoughts race to form some sort of conclusion, only to find there's isn't any.
His thoughts scream, "What's going on? When did I start driving this bus? Why is it so fast?"
He sees traffic ahead. He starts veering to the left again, almost scrapes across a concrete wall. Hits a car ahead and pushes it out of the way.
Free road ahead. For some unknown reason he gets an urge to speed. He hits the gas with as much anxiety as he'd wished it were the brake. Zoom!

They reach the bus-depot. Everybody gets off at the last stop. As he gets off he sees his mum on board. Rushing back in again he helps her with her stuff. Everybody else gets off while he tries to tell her the bus was out of control.
"There must have been some evil driver today ma!"
She rubbishes him off. The bus starts to make a final turn at the depot to park.
Who's driving? He goes to the front again.
There's nobody there.
The steering's moves on its own. The gear shifts.
All he does is point it out to his mum. They rush to get off the bus.

Thats the story!
Except that the 'a guy' in line one is me.
And this was a dream.

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