Once, on a Monday, July 17, 2006, I thought...


It appears we have a problem...

For those who can still read this... Hi!

Since *.blogspot.com is being blocked by India's major ISPs, I'm pretty surprised I can even post this message. But, it turns out that blogger.com is not being blocked. Even www.blogspot.com does a DNS redirect to blogger.com. (But all sub-domains don't work however).

Apparently this measure has been taken to prevent some rogue factions to communicate while the authority gets a proper lockdown on their IPs.
Ok. Then this won't take a long time.

Then why the hell are people making such a ruckus?! Can't you have a little patience? Give it a little time.

For those who already know how to goto proxy sites to view pages, what seems to be the problem?
Those who want to post new messages, what seems to be the problem?
Those who are lay about it, ok, frustration is understandable, and maybe instead of 'SITE BLOCKED!', they could have put, 'Work in progress, please bare with us'.

So please bare! :P
Cut the Govt. some slack. (You don't think they would have blocked them proxy sites too?)
Things ought to be back to normal soon.
(If not, then panic!)
Till then, chill!
We do have a democracy to uphold!

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Check out the update on my blog. According to NDTV the blocking seems to be unrelated to the blasts, but rather is related to the spread of religious extremism on the net.

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