Once, on a Wednesday, May 10, 2006, I thought...


up north

Last year this time I was in Delhi!!
Shiv, Chetan and I had left on the 6th - Rajdhani Exp.
The journey was awesome. There were all these kids in our compartment and Chetan just hated it. Haahaa!
And we saw lots there.
Like... Vinu's house, Vinu's computer, Vinu's big hairy b***.
What I meant was... his big hairy back!!
But actually we roamed a lot - India gate, Red Fort, Agra Fort, the Taj Mahal, etc etc. (DTC buses too!)
And how different Delhi is! The place is huge! Too huge!! You can't even see any street cricket! Whoa!
(Esp. the buses. Gotta admit, even if BEST's goin in losses, they still got a much better service.)

And now here I am sitting at home, doing nothing, but postin blogs. pssht!!

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