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extensions for IE

I knew this would come. I just knew it!
IE people have opened up a new site: IEAddOns.com.
(For the not so bright:)
Only IE serves little purpose, as does only FF.
Most of FF users use it in conjunction with a lot of extensions (equivalent to plugins for IE)
Now if IE comes out without a huge array of plugins to counter FF's extensions they know what might happen!! Not that there weren't any plugins before. They were just too dispersed and users had no way to find out where to get a good plugin and how they were rated.
Now you know.
Now the ultimate for IE would be a plugin that uses FF's extensions in IE. Or one that opens a page using a Gecko engine!
Enjoy the plugins!

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Man I just installed IE7 beta 2 at work today, and it broke itself. No Internet in IE even though Firefox and Opera would work. It was strange. I had to use system restore to get back to normal. I'm gonna wait till it's released in full before I try this again.

Are any of these extensions any good? (Couldn't find Trixie anywhere.) I notice that stuff like Adaware and Spybot have been listed. They are not addons!
I know. Its a new site so it will take time for really useful plugins to be listed. Besides, you can't submit a plugin for review, the plugin developer has to do that! I couldn't even find Developer Toolbar beta. I have no idea why they have listed Spyware Removal tools like Adware and Spybot, but no Windows Defender or Microsoft AntiSpyware?! But the fact that they have them makes you wonder that will IE7 also have a grave need of these Spyware Removal tools?! ;)

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