Once, on a Wednesday, March 22, 2006, I thought...


musically speaking

I love the sounds a laptop makes. They're so much different than a PC.

I love the keyboard. Unlike a PC keyboard, which goes 'thak.. thak.. thak.. khachak!', (where 'thak thak' are some normal keys and 'khachak' is the big Enter key), a Laptop keyboard goes 'pichik.. pichik.. pichik.. pachak!'

And I love the touchpad! A regular scroll mouse goes something like: 'squeakity.. squeakity.. squeakity.. click!'. But a touchpad! Oh No!. A touchpad is much more classy. Touchpad is something like 'fssssss.. fsssss.. fssssss.. thpppbth' (where fssss fssss is normal scrolling... and the thpppbth is when you tab the touchpad to simulate a click)

I wonder what else I'd be able to hear...
(maybe I should switch off Winamp!)
(waitaminute! I think I hear my ma callin!)

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