Once, on a Wednesday, February 22, 2006, I thought...


tab! you're it...

Try this. Open as many tabs in FireFox as you possibly can - (until your processor's down on its knees), take a screenshot, and upload it at flickr.com with a tag that goes - furiousfirefoxtabs. You open it in a single window, or multiple windows - your wish!. You can even use any other tabbed browser you like, say Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, IE7 beta, Flock beta, Avant Browser, iRider, Konquerer, Safari, Crazy Browser, OmniWeb Browser, Maxthon, Athlon, Kommunikator, SpaceSurfer, QuickNet, ...etc, etc... I'm really just making up names right now, but you know, the usual plethora of tabbed browsers that are out there! (Too bad NCSA Mosaic and HotJava don't come tabbed huh?!). Its just that it started off with this guy trying to see how far you can push your computer (farther, if it's not your computer i'll bet!) using Firefox. So here's my entry on flickr. There's another one too which shows the memory usage after all the tabs have been closed. I must say, FF for Win has surely followed in MS's footsteps- occupy memory after tabs are closed.


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