Once, on a Monday, February 13, 2006, I thought...


points from a line

There's a huge line for just submitting a form for an entrance test. I Got in line at 9 and got over with it after 1:30. Thats killing. So what to do. Just look around.

A totally macho- kinda guy comes and stands straight off in the girls line. (Maybe he's submitting a form for some girl who couldn't make it. He acts as if he's feeling wierd to stand in that line.) The watchman comes and asks him about the form he's filling, looks at him surprisingly and tells him to get in the 'oh-so-never-ending' guys line. Laughter erupts once he's earshot.

We are to stick two passport sized photographs on the form. I have no gum, but i'm pretty sure they must have provided some. I go up to the lackey and ask him, "Bhaisab, yeh... gum ki line kidhar hai?"

Line is now in the lab to get the form verified.
"Thank God! This is the last line, then, finished", exclaimed the guy in front of me.
I said, "Oh no. Don't you know? You have to goto the 1st floor. There's a line there..."
"What!?", he interrupts me.
Just then the officer directs some guy to go to the first floor (to get a xerox actually, which the guy hadn't got).
"See! I told you. You need to go to the first floor line after this."
"What for?!"
I smile.
"Oh very funny yaar!"

Guy works slow.
Girl behind me sighs, "Its too much yaar!".
A second line forms near the door, where another man starts verifying forms to quicken things up.
"Now whats going on there? What d'ya suppose that line's for?", she said.
People ask me like I know. Ok. I know.
"Thats the line to go out."
"What?! No way"
Cool! even though just for a sec, she actually believed me.

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