Once, on a Thursday, February 16, 2006, I thought...


no time limits

There's no difference between day and night. Infact, night is more day than day, night.

Chatting: online, awake.
Surfing: online, awake.
Talking on the phone: awake.
Missed calls: awake.

Those who are on the other side of the globe are too precious to talk to.
Those who are right here. They're up anyway. Online or on the phone.

Why I'm still not asleep.
Got home at (12+) midnight. Was at Shiv's place with Chetan.
Get online (12:30+), chatting with Shiv, Chetan, Girish...
Bro's snowed in (1+). So chatting with him after a long time.
Chetan's gone (2+). He has to goto Pune tomorrow morning.
Shiv's off (3+).

P calls up (3+). Shift over. Talking on the phone.
Sis gives a missed call (3:30+). Give her a missed call back. Then msg her to goto sleep.
Boo comes online (3:45+). "Are you crazy?? Online at this time?!". Chat with her.
Bro so hungy (3:45+). Off to eat out.
Chatting with Boo (4+). Lots to talk about.
Bye to Girish (4:30+). He calls up. "Bye". Not everytime. This time.
Bye to Khushboo (4:50+). Lots of luv.
Bye to bro (4:50+). Lots to him too.
Off to sleep (5+).

Its not like its compulsory or anything. I'm not doing much. And in the day. Well. Nobody's really there that much. So I try to study. Repeat: try.

And get through the day.

(Ahem: At this point I would find it appropriate to mention that my 'day' begins at 12+. Hehe!)

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Yeah, that's how I spend my weekends. But I can't do that during the week :(

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