Once, on a Wednesday, January 25, 2006, I thought...


pigs can fly

Y'know how some people try to act all aloof? Like they're better than you? Like if you tell them something exciting, they try to make it sound like its no big deal. "From where I come from, this happens all the time".
Sure! Do pigs fly?

And then if suddenly someone brings a baby in the room, no matter how heated an arguement it was, the baby suddenly takes over. Everyone goes googoo, gaga, trying all sorts of noises to make the baby laugh. (That's probably cause baby's laughter is damn cool anyway.) So, its solong arguement! People go off tangents trying to somehow get that baby to laugh, and once that's done, they beam with pride! As if you've just accomplished world peace! :) And somehow everyone switches to an ages old language you had inherited from your mother - Gibberish. No matter how many languages you learn, you never forget this one, its universal. I'll bet even aliens speak it. Doesn't matter if they're green or bug-eyed or both. You will still go "goo goo gaa gaa".

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